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Thượng Uý
Thượng Uý
Last Version: 90.01
Download link:
(Support us by downloading from FileSonic)

GM Full + Lite:
http://adf.ly/4TUks (mediafire)

GM Lite Only:
[url=http://adf.ly/246619/http://www.mediafire.com/?txvwl2ix3y39lcn] http://adf.ly/4TUlm [/url](mediafire)

Version: 90.01 (FULL) / 01.01 (LITE) - [2011/12/26]
- Improved Injector
- Fixed Exit button on tray icon.
- Fixed Menu in-[color:cec8=#FF0000 !important]game Checkbox not disabling it.
- PS: Others overlay program like: XFIRE, TeamSpeak overlay plugin, etc can cause conflict with Menu in-game Overlay and cause FATAL ERROR, so just disable the in-game menu in gm config or close the other program that use overlay...
Version: 90.00 (FULL) / 01.01 (LITE) - [2011/12/26]
- [color:cec8=#FF0000 !important]Added IN-GAME Menu Overlay, integrated with GM Interface.
- Fixed Maphack conflict with the new GM Interface.
- Fixed Goblin Notifier sending multiple times the message and even if it was disabled.
- Improved maphack, now it will automatically reload the features if you change some of then, without need to disable/enable the mh to it take effect....
Version: 86.01 - [2011/11/03]
- Back to new Injector System, but compiled with old IDE, at least here worked fine with no crash !
# PS: Remember to delete all the old garenamaster before extracting this version or just extract on different folder!
# PS: If you extract on different folder you will probably need add gm to your antivirus exclusion list again!

Version: 86.00 - [2011/11/02]
- This version is just rollback to v85.02, we had some problem with the host hack in the latest version and we need more time to find where is the problem...

Version: 85.04 - [2011/10/29]
- Garena and Warcraft Injector was reworked, i hope it work better now! (PS: Injectors is always detected like Virus by Antivirus, you must add it to exception list on your antivirus if you want use gm!)
- Added Online Users Counter
- Emergency fix on Injector for v85.03
- PS: Lite version is still under development but we're doing good progress, i hope soon we will have it done!
#-=-=-= Extra Features that WILL have on LITE version (under development): -=-=-=-=#
# Advanced Exp Log
# Auto Login all your accounts (max 18) on all configured servers (unlimited) with random port and join automatically each account and each instance on random room!
# Option to close all open garena!
# Option to close all open garena from determined account nick!
# And more!

Version: 85.02 - [2011/10/20]
- Added GarenaPlus support to new Garena Update.
- Added tips on how to use the Host Hack in-game.
- Added option to disable tips displayed in-game.
- Added Game Start Notifier again!
- Removed protection from not needed files, the only encrypted file now is the GarenaPlus.dll, it should reduce antivirus blocks.
- Fixed NameSpoofer bug on GarenaPlus that display empty nick if you not checked/unchecked the combobox for atleast 1 time.
- Many others bugs reported by users on forum are fixed.
- Fixed MSVCP110.dll error
- Reduced 90% the false positives detection on antivirus
- PS: I'm working on Lite version of GarenaMaster, if this version still not work for you just wait the lite version...

Version: 84.02 - [2011/09/23]
- Working on new Garena update.
- Added support to Garena Plus (Currently in BETA)
- Replaced Installer to Loader, that will check if you have needed packages and redirect your to download page case not.
- [Garena Client] New Feature: Room user limit increased from 225 to 235
- [Garena Plus] Features currently added: Host Hack, Name Spoofer, Map Hack, EXP Hack, Flood Hack, Disable protections, Remove 5s wait.
- PS 1: You can't disable any features of Garena Plus [Except Name Spoofer] (yet)
- PS 2: Not all features added to Garena Plus (yet)
- PS 3: I encrypted all gm files, maybe will cause false positives in your antivirus, just disable it or add gm to exception list.
- Fixed bug on loader, please download again...
- Another bug fixed on loader
- Fixed button "Exit" on garenamaster
- Fixed crash problem when you cannot access gm portal or version.ini to determine the current and latest version

Version: 83.03 - [2011/09/11]
- GarenaMaster.NET Partially released!!
- Completly reworked the GarenaMaster.exe to C# instead of C++, now with multi language support!!
- Injector reworked and improved again!
- Added installer to GarenaMaster, that will install all dependencies if you don't have it yet (.NET Framework 4 and Visual C++ package)!
- PS: We are working to make GarenaMaster compatible with Garena Plus, soon we will have news about that!
- Added To Tray.
- Fixed many reported bugs, if you found any other bug, please report on forum!
- Emergency Fix

Version: 82.00 - [2011/09/05]
- Reworked the internal injector, this may fix some bugs for many users that have problem.
- Added folder: 'GM\DATA\DLL\Garena_AutoInject' if you want to some custom dll be injected on garena, just put it here that it will be automatically injected when you click on Start Garena.
- Few others changes and bugfix.
- High recomended to update to this version!
- EDIT: If you get the error 'MSVCP100.dll was not found' just install it: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=5555

Version: 81.04 - [2011/08/13]
- Many improvements on the code.
- Size reduced from 4mb to 1mb.
- Simplified the Design.
- Removed the Garena Second Window, you will work only on the first now.
- Removed Exp Log Temporary (i'll need re-add it back on the first window, will be done later)
- Added feature to make you open 1-3 garena client at one click
- Added some tips to the MapHack when the game Start.
- Added the Alt + F1 to be enabled by default whent he game start, do it again to disable if you want.
- Removed the -clear text and added internally function that do the same, but hidden.
- Added Auto Login System (Optional) that will use random port & server and allow you to change the server list without modifying the original file
- few bugs fixed and changes.
- Emergency bug fix.

Version: 80.00 - [2011/08/05]
- Many bugfix on MapHack.
- MAP HACK will be automatically injected now, no more files added to your war3 folder
- Added md5 checksum on Game.dll, to see if you're using modified Game.dll (modified file is not supported by GarenaMaster, GUMH and others maphack that modify it)
- No more need to set your war3 folder.
- Bugfix and improvement on Game Start Notifier.
- Few others bugfix.

### [PORTUGUESE] Adicionado se��o Brasileira ao forum, ao entrar em www.garenamaster.com voc� ser� automaticamente redirecionado para l�. ###

Version: 79.03 - [2011/07/30]
- Fixed "Abnormal Program Termination" bug on maphack.
- Fixed "Abnormal Program Termination" also on GM.EXE.
- Fixed "Abnormal Program Termination" also on GM.DLL.
- Fixed "Abnormal Program Termination" caused when the site GarenaWorld is down by WebBrowser component.
- Fixed Bug on choosing tabs on GM.EXE
- Fixed Registry Cleanner not closing gm after the clean.
- Added random interval (1-3 secounds) between each line sent by "Auto Send Text Message", it's look like really human writing the text, not bot now! [ Thanks for xPass for the idea ]
- Removed 95% of false-positive virus detection now!
- Added Installer (WinRar SFX)
- Many improvements and clean on the code, it will be faster and safer now.
- Rar file reduced from 5.7mb to 3.0mb
- Fixed bug that can cause GM to get crash/auto-close when it start on few winxp.
- Many other bugs fixed.
- Removed many 3rd Party tools with false-positives virus detection and added some others safer and better.
- Removed the Dota Features (outdated [1.24e only] and with many false-positive virus detection)
- Removed [Warkey] and Added [Inventory Short Key] that is better.
- Removed CD Hack (outdated, work only on 1.24d)
- Removed Auto Tunnel, useless, it's just illusion from garena for marketing.
- Removed CS Hack (many false-positives and (no one)? use it...
- Removed Custom Features (no one ever used that ��)
- Removed Ping Signal [ONLY ON 1.24B-C] due bug report that it's causing fatal error, i'll check it and add back later

Version: 78.08 - [2011/07/26]
- Many Bugfix on GM.EXE

Version: 78.07 - [2011/07/25]
- few bug fix.
- Re-added countdown to start garena (due many low users helping us, keep helping us that we will remove it again. [to know how to help us read the message while the countdown end])

+ Still working on the new GarenaMaster.NET

Version: 78.05 - [2011/07/18]
- Fix attempt 2

Version: 78.03 - [2011/07/18]
- Temp fix for Program Abnormal Termination (thanks to GarenaHack-er)
- I'm trying rewrite gm in Microsoft Visual Studio C#, it will have much less bugs and much smaller (around 20kb).

Version: 78.02 - [2011/07/17]
- clean and fix

Version: 78.01 - [2011/07/16]
- Roll back to 77.02, just renamed version
- Trying fix the unknow problem on 78.00 that is happening to many people (but not to me ��)

Version: 77.02 - [2011/07/12]
- New feature added: : "Game Start Notifier" (Play a sound when the game start)
- Few bugs fix
- Changed the image asking users to help us keep alive clicking in the arrow...
- Another bugfix.

Version: 77.00 - [2011/07/05]
- If you try open war3 without gm it will show a warning message now and unload itself.
- Few bugfix
- Added 2 new features:

+ WC3 TrueColor [1.24b to 1.26a] (Reveals the enemy selections in their PlayerColor)
* credits to Dennis @ d3scene

+ Show HP/MP Regen / Speed in number [1.26a only]
* credits to Skino @ d3scene

Version: 76.01 - [2011/06/03]
- Fixed bug on Exp Log (exp hack was working fine, the problem is only on log)
- Fixed few others bug.
- New feature will be added soon =)

Version: 76.00 - [2011/06/02]
- Sounds removed.
- DropHack will now only be actived if you're on battle.net
- Some others changes and bugfix.

Version: 75.01 - [2011/05/25]
- bugfix.

Version: 75.00 - [2011/05/25]
- Compatible with new garena update [25/05/2011]
- 'Show User Info' will now print a System Message on room with: Nick, UID, IP and Real Ping.

Version: 74.04 - [2011/05/19]
- Fixed Host Hack
- Added 'Search Nick in room and show the UID'
- Added a poll about a possible vip feature to be added in future, VOTE!
- Started working on GarenaMaster Banlist [not finished, you can't add users to ban yet]
- Fixed some others bugs.

Version: 74.03 - [2011/05/16]
- Re-added Auto Joiner.
- Changed GM Icons, thanks to to 'the one the order': http://www.garenamaster.com/showthread.php?2480

Version: 74.01 - [2011/05/16]
- Updated to new garena [2011/05/16]
- Added Custom Features to advanced users, see example on folder: GM\CustomFeatures\example.ini
- Added Auto Offset Finder (You'll not need update gm anymore when garena update, will not work only if garena change something near the search code)
- Fixed many bugs.

PS: Auto Joiner is temporary disabled, garena changed something on it, we need more time to fix it.

Version: 73.01 - [2011/04/24]
- Changed the system to enable/disable mh:
> It's now disabled by default.
> When you enable it, it will be installed automatically.
> When you disable it, it will be uninstalled automatically.
> Removed button Install Map Hack, you just need enable it now in config tab.
> It only enable/disable with war3 closed.

- Changed 3 feautes that was default enabled to disabled, due some incompatibility problem to some users (i think)
> Instant Game Start disabled by default.
> Default W3 Load disabled by default.
> ManaBar disabled by default.

-This version will clear your GM Registry automatically.

Version: 73.00 - [2011/04/20]
- Fixed all know bugs.
- Added new feature: Lock / Unlock Cam Distance [ Hotkey default: Alt + F3 ]

Version: 72.02 - [2011/04/20]
- Fixed bug on Exp Hack.
- Fixed Multi client

Version: 72.01 - [2011/04/20]
- Updated to work with new Garena.
- Improved Cam Distance Hack by scroll
- Some others bugfix.

Version: 72.00 - [2011/04/20]
- Fixed and re-added the new Mana Bars
- Re-added text box to set the initial distance of Cam Distance
- Some others bugfix.

Version: 71.01 - [2011/04/19]
- Fixed Goblin notifier crash on 1.24e
- Temporary Disabled ManaBars due crash when someone move to the rune

Version: 71.00 - [2011/04/19]
- New interface to GM.EXE and GM.DLL
- New ManaBar system -> Alt + F2 (default) to change [ALLY / ENEMY / ALL / OFF]
- New Cam Distance Hack by scroll to all versions (just use your mouse scroll to change the distance)
- New Goblin Notifier -> Ping on minimap and tell you where goblin planted the bomb!
- Reworked the GarenaMaster textout on war3 | Thanks to YourName for the code and Open|Fire for the fix
- You can use -clear to clear GarenaMaster messages also now.
- Removed old Cam Distance Hack.
- Removed Delay Reducer (it's bugged...)
- Host Hack no longer can be disabled, you use the command only if you want...
- Drop Bnet is enabled by default now.
- ManaBar is enabled by default now.
- Garena AutoPatch is enabled by default now.
- Many others bugfix.
- Many others improvements.

Version: 70.02 - [2011/04/06]
- Updated to new garena [2011-04-06]
- Added ICCUP ip address to DROP BNET [Thanks to apelli @ GarenaMaster] (NOT TESTED, TEST IT AND REPORT TO ME IF WORKED...)
- Added new 2 news war3 features:
+ Instant Game Start (Remove countdown from Start Game)
+ Default W3 Loading (Remove the image of dota from loading and show the default one with list of players that still loading and who already finished)
- Some bugfix

PS: Soon will be added a new and better manabar and Cam Distance Hack by Scroll, to all war3 versions!

Version: 70.01 - [2011/04/01]
- Fixed a bug that make mh not work some times...
- CloakDLL is always enabled now, to avoid bans on battle.net
- DropBnet is disabled by default, but you can enable it if you want more security.
- Added warning about SAFE MODE when you try select it.
- Fixed Online Users Counter (only appear to garena users)
- Fixed Exp Log
- Many others bugfix.

PS: With dropbnet disabled, you will not need restart/reconnect to bnet after every game...
PS 2: If you want more protection, enable the DropBnet, but i think that you only need CloakDLL to be safe...

Version: 70.00 - [2011/03/30]
- Re-added voice to Rune Notifier (with option to disable it)
- Added Roshan Notifier
- Added option to disable GEM Notifier
- Many others improvements and bugfix.

Version: 69.01 - [2011/03/28]
- Emergency fix to battle.net users, that can't connect to battle.net.
- Added options to choose the protections mode to battle.net

PS: Mana bar is moved to war3 tab!

Version: 69.00 - [2011/03/28]
- Support to war3 v1.26a
- Rune notifier will appear that was sent from your nick instead of Player13 and in [Private] instead of [All] (in both only you see)
- Mana Bars are now integrated with the mh dll.
- Improved the Anti-Detection with CloackDLL (thanks to Yourname for the source)
- Support to be used and undetectable on Battle.net with the integrated DropBnet v2 (it will always be executed silently when the game start, closing the connection to battle.net [but you still in the game])
- Many others changes and bugfix that can't remember now Razz

Version: 68.03 - [2011/03/25]
- Emergency fix: Fixed "Abnormal Program Termination" when your war3 registry is damaged.
- Fixed bug that show CD Hack to versions that it not support!

Version: 68.02 - [2011/03/25]
- Re-added rune notifier
- Re-added Dota Features [1.24e]
- Added ping notification where rune respawn (thanks to yourname)
- Added text notification when someone drop the GEM
- Added new system to disable the features, bugs free [This new one will read the original value from memory before patching it and store it for future unpatch only what u patched, and with 100% of success rate!]
- You can now configure your own hotkeys in war3 tab!
- Default hotkeys changed to: Enable/Disable = Alt + F1 | Zoom IN = Alt + F2 | Zoom Out = Alt + F3
- You can now change the cam distance with hotkey without enabling mh.
- Cam Distance will no longer back to default when disable mh, if you wanna just set it to 1650 that is the original of war3.
- Added option in the GM.exe to not load the mh, if you don't wanna use it...
- Fixed bug in Registry Cleanner
- Some others bugfix that i not remember now.


Version: 68.01 - [2011/03/24]
- Improved loading time of GM.exe
- Fixed all bugs related to "Access Violation error"
- Fixed bug that you can only enable mh if you're the host.
- Fixed a bug that cause fatal error when disabling mh to 1.24d
- some others bugfix and improvement.

Version: 68.00 - [2011/03/24]
- Fixed a bug on 1.24d that cause the game crash when someone ping the map.
- Fixed the Access Violation error
- Fixed a bug that you loss the features that you selected when restart gm.
- Fixed a bug that only work default features, and when you check nothing change...
- Added a "Done!" message when use the "Patch" on dota features.
- I think that we are really closer now from a version 100% stable...
- Some others bugix.

Version: 67.04 - [2011/03/23]
- Fixed a important issue that are causing fatal error to all version
- Reworked Cam Distance that are causing fatal error to 1.24e/d/c/b
- I think that this is a stable version, if work ok to everyone, tomorrow i'll start work on rune notifier.

Version: 67.03 - [2011/03/23]
- Fixed a fatal error issue on 1.24b

Version: 67.02 - [2011/03/23]
- Fixed crash on mh
- Removed rune notifier temporary
- Added new hotkey to cam distance (f3/f4) or (alt+/alt-)
- Fixed bug on button "Patch" on Dota Features

Version: 67.01 - [2011/03/23]
- Fixed more crash issue in Rune Notifier / MH
- Fixed bug that some times show message that mh was enable, but nothing happens. (i hope so, not tested)
- Some improvement in mh/rn code.

Version: 67.00 - [2011/03/22]
- Fixed a crash issue on Rune Notifier
- Added a new Auto Joiner by Open|Fire
- Updated cs hack
- Some others bugfix.

Version: 666.3 - [2011/03/22]
- Fixed Ordinal 3 error.
- Fixed crash when connecting to garena
- Fixed crash when joining room
- Fixed Exp Hack

Version: 666 - [2011/03/22]
- Added support to new Garena Update (2011/03/22)
- MH / Rune Notifier completly reworked. (read the text file inside of rar)
- You can use now hotkeys inside of game to control mh (read the text file inside of rar)
- MH are now integrated with Rune Notifier in one dll.
- You need "install" the mh only the first time, and never again!
- War3 / CS tab moved to first screen, now you can use it with others platform (at you own risk)
- Red Inv / Gray HP temporary disabled, i need fix some bugs.
- Auto Joiner temporary disabled, open|fire are working on new and better one!
- Fixed some bugs in mh to 1.25b.
- Many bugs fixed.
- I hope that all features will work fine to everyone now.

Version: 65.01 - [2011/03/17]
- Reduced the chance of error "Failed to delete tab at index 0" (not fixed 100% yet)
- Host Hack are now integrated with GM.dll instead of a separated dll
- Fixed a bug that Dota Features is disabled also for 1.24e
- Fixed a bug that show Dota Features in W3X Auto Path, also for 1.25b that cause fatal error.

Version: 65.00 - [2011/03/16]
- Added MH support to 1.25b
- Added Rune Notifier support to 1.25b
- Added ManaBars support to 1.25b
- Fixed some bugs with Rune Notifier
- Fixed bug "Failed to delete tab at index 0" (i think)
- CS Hack updated
- Fixed many others bugs.

Version: 45.00 - [2010/09/12]
- Button: "Click here if you get Fatal Error!" fixed, if you still get fatal error, click on it again!

Version: 44.00 - [2010/09/11]
- Many bugfix and improvement on GM_Simple
- Re-added GM.exe, with some bugfix, so now you choose what give less errors to you, and what
* you think that is best.
- Now with GM Simple, with more than 1 garena open, will work only this feature:
* exp hack, no full dialog, no 5s wait, Gold style, but with GM.exe this features will be enabled
* automatically, but others features selected too....
- Some others bugfix.

Version: 43.00 - [2010/09/10]
- Rune Notifier readded.
- Simple WC3 Maphack V3 by h4c0r-BG Added [ Press F5 inside of war3 to configure ]
- Default membership changed to Gold Member due requests
- Both [Rune Notifier and MH] need close your war3 first before enabling it.
- Both [Rune Notifier and MH] only need enable it the first time, and will be enabled forever
until you disable it.
- Rune Notifier will only work while GarenaMaster is running [but you can close after open war3]

Version: 42.00 - [2010/09/09]
- Simple version, with no bugs to everyone!
- Login removed!
- One Click and Go!
- Host Hack finished and will be enabled automatically. (more info on how to use, read Features)
- All features enabled by default, if you wanna disable something, go to: DATA/dat/Features.dat
and put ; on FEATURE and offsets!
- Removed War3 Hacks [ Use Garena Universal MapHack if you wanna it.)

Version: 41.00 - [2010/09/09]
- Fix to new garena update!
- Not finished yet: Host Hack and NameSpoofer

Version: 39.00 - [2010/08/16]
- Offline mode added (Allow you to use GarenaMaster even if you are not connected to internet)
[ Offline mode is activated automatically if you are not connected to internet ]
- UserSpy disabled, new garena forum do not support this function.

Version: 38.00 - [2010/08/12]
- Fixed bug on [Unlock "Disable Strange Message"]
- I think that now all crash related bug is fixed, and everything 100% compatible with new

Version: 37.04 - [2010/08/12]
- Fixed and added old auto joiner [ Thanks to plitvice ]
- Fixed Host Hack
- Now the Auto Cleanner no longer restart your garenamaster.

If someone still getting crash issue please, try enable only 1 feature by each time, and test
what exacly feature is making you crash and report to me, so i'll fix...

Version: 37.03 - [2010/08/11]
- Fixed Private Message.
- Fixed Name Spoofer.
- Removed "Ladder Stats in-game" -> reason: Ladder off-line long time ago...
- Added Auto Joiner DLL to inject when press Patch. [ old integrated auto joiner will be added
- Fixed some bugs with Crash...

Version: 37.02 - [2010/08/11]
- Due many noobs that don't know how to simple execute the Registry Cleaner.bat, i make to
auto-clean the registry in the first run.


Version: 37.01 - [2010/08/11]
- Fixed Registry Cleaner.bat

############ IMPORTANT ############
if you get error when open GarenaMaster, please run Registry Cleaner.bat, and when it say
Done! run GarenaMaster again.

Version: 37.00 - [2010/08/11]
- Updated to work with new garena update.
- 99% finished, i only need update the integrated auto joiner, but i'll do it later,
until that you can use the Auto Joiner DLL button (will be auto injected when press
"Start Garena", the only difference is that not work with multi garena.

Version: 36.02 - [2010/08/09]
- Emergency Fix

Version: 36.01 - [2010/08/09]
- Chat re-added.
- Small bugfix.
- Security improved.

Version: 36.00 - [2010/07/27]
- Improved Integrated "Advanced W3X Configurator v2" (AWC).
- Added Warcraft 3 Version Switcher (to change your war3 version in 1 click), integrated on AWC.
- This Version Switcher is much better than the one that have on internet, and made by myself.
- Changed default skin to WLM. (based on Windows Live Messenger)

Version: 35.05 - [2010/07/22]
- Added Tips to every button, to help begginers use GarenaMaster without problem.
- Added new option to MH, "[SAFE MODE]..." that units have the "Slow Motion" but
can't be detected on ScreenShot
- Fixed bug that make UserSpy not start on center of screen.
- Added Console Command: "-clear" (Delete All GarenaMaster Registry and close itself)
- Added "Registry Cleaner.bat" to auto execute -clear command

Version: 35.04 - [2010/07/21]
- Added Notice System
- Added New skins
- Emergency Fix related to Notice System.
- Improved Ads Code
- Improved EXP Bar and fixed some search bug on UserSpy.
This is your chance to get your DreamDota!!!


From: $36,00 to: $24,00

From: $16,00 to $10,00



1 Ano:
De: R$ 79,00 Para: R$ 50,00 ( deposito )

1 M�s
De: R$ 29,00 Para: R$ 17,00 ( deposito )




Version: 35.02 - [2010/07/08]
- Added support to external skins, all skins will be located on DATA\Skins
- Added many skins, now have 55 skins!
- Improved design.
- Removed Calendar.
- Changed Start Garena button, to image button.


(at end of page)

Version: 35.01 - [2010/07/08]
- Fixed bug: "Failed to get data on 'netport'", to peoples that don't play warcraft 3.
- Added button to hide calendar, if you not like it.

Version: 35.00 - [2010/07/07]
- Added Advanced W3X Configurator, with many features, made by myself.
- Fixed "Slow Motion" bug on MapHack 1.24e - 1.24b
- Design improved.
- Added Skin Changer, with 20 skins to you choose!!
- some bug fix.

Version: 34.02 - [2010/07/02]
- Fixed bug that make you click on screen every 10min.
- Removed DreamDota cracked, the cracked version is really unstable, if you wanna use it, you can
buy the official version that is stable and without bug's, you can buy it on DreamDota(New)
tab and click on View site.
- GarenaMaster icon changed, if you have a better icon, you can send me to: admin@darksupremo.com
- Minor bug fix.

Version: 34.01 - [2010/07/02]
- Emergency fix.

Version: 34.00 - [2010/07/02]
- Login System re-added and reworked.
- GarenaMaster will start on center of screen now.
- Save Features button removed, it will be saved automatically now.
- Features checked will be saved on registry now, no more lose your prefference on every
new version.
- Fixed a error message about version incompatible on DreamDota.
- Fixed a major crash bug on DreamDota
- others things that i don't remember now =)

DreamDota Hotkeys:

End = MH / Rune notifier ON/OFF (default OFF)
Home = Damage / Healing ON/OFF (default ON)
- = Increase Cam Distance
+ = Decrease Cam Distance
Hold ~ or ' = Enable Auto Last Hit, release it to move freely
Pause Break = Disable / Enable ALL
TAB = Show Score Board

How to use DreamDota: Just Close your warcraft, click on Enable DreamDota, to disable click
again, now on Disable DreamDota.

PS: if you get error: MSVCR100.dll missing, please install it:

Version: 33.03 - [2010/06/29]
- Added check to not allow enabling DreamDota while warcraft is open.
- Updated DreamDota Crack to v9.2

***Fix on DreamDota Crack:***
-Fixed a bug that preventing DreamDota.ini from being read at all (whoops).
-If DreamDota.ini can't be read, it will now use the normal default keys (tab and ~).
-Fixed a bug that caused the login screen to show up occasionally.

DreamDota Hotkeys:

End = MH / Rune notifier ON/OFF (default OFF)
Home = Damage / Healing ON/OFF (default ON)
- = Increase Cam Distance
+ = Decrease Cam Distance
Hold ~ or ' = Enable Auto Last Hit, release it to move freely
Pause Break = Disable / Enable ALL
TAB = Show Score Board

How to use DreamDota: Just Close your warcraft, click on Enable DreamDota, to disable click
again, now on Disable DreamDota.

PS: if you get error: MSVCR100.dll missing, please install it:

Version: 33.02 - [2010/06/29]
- Many improvement/bugfix on User Spy.
- Added cracked DreamDota, by: LordTerror @ d3scene
- Emergency fix on dreamdota crack
- Auto LastHit key: HOLD SHIFT to last hit, and release it to move freely
- Fixed bug on Select GG Folder.
- Added missing dll: winmm.dll

Version: 32.04 - [2010/06/24]
- Many improvement on "User Search":
- Added exp percent after level.
- Fixed exp reaming
- reworked Client EXP:
- Added Client EXP: current exp / needed exp
- removed League Exp, useless...
- Many bugfix/improvement related on formula calculation
- Many bugfix related to GarenaMaster/Warcraft:
- Fixed Rune notifier that are not working after security improvement.
- Fixed DelayOn value that are not loading after skin change.
- Fixed Custom LagOn that are not working after change from file to registry
- Fixed Host Hack That are not working after security improvement.
- "User Check" renamed to "User Spy"

Version: 32.03 - [2010/06/24]
- Increased security to avoid garena detection.
- Fixed bug on "User Search"
- Added new check to "User Search" -> "Level" and "Exp to level-up"
- And others minor bugfix
- PS: If you get this error: HTTP/1.1 404 Undescribed. | this is because of php error
on Garena Forum, just press ENTER to try again

Version: 32.02 - [2010/06/24]
- Fixed bugs due change on server
- Fixed bug on "Users Online" script
- Updated all links to old forum free again, paid one is soo laggy.
- Added new Garena Feature: "User Check", you can find it on Garena Tab, with it you can
check all user info, like: nick, uid, exp, posts, last ban time, ban reason... if you
know some good thing to check too, let me know that i'll add it... i'll add Level check too,
not only Exp Check, but in next version maybe =)

Version: 32.01 - [2010/06/22]
- Some improvement on design.
- Added "Your version" number on Config Tab
- Added "Last version" number on Config Tab
- Minor bugfix on ChatBox
- Fixed bug: "Failed to set AutoLogin data"
- Reworked "New version available" warning.
- and many bug fix's that i don't remember now Smile

Version: 32.00 - [2010/06/22]
- Login System removed, server not good enough to work with 3k+ users online...
- Bug that garenamaster not show on taskbar fixed.
- Chatbox now have option to you put your wanted nick.

Version: 31.00 - [2010/06/21]
- New design (by Open|Fire =)
- New login system, integrated with new forum (by Open|Fire =)
- Some bugs fixed.
- New chat added integrated with new forum
- Bug that mh not working to some peoples, not fixed yet, because here work fine, so is hard to test what is wrong, lol...
- Fixed Abnormal bug (i think, lol)
- Auto Login disabled in first run to peoples that are using "freepass"

Version: 30.04 - [2010/06/17]
- Emergency fix

Version: 30.03 - [2010/06/17]
- Added auto-login with Free-Pass, until we finish the new login system
- New download/blog page: http://get.garenamaster.com
- New Forum page: http://forum.garenamaster.com

Version: 30.02 - [2010/06/17]
- Emergency version, with this you will be able to login when we finish changing the server.

Version: 30.01 - [2010/06/16]
- Added button to skip Garena Folder Selection (To people that play in another platform).
- Updated to new Garena Update ( 2010/06/16 ) - By Open|Fire
- Removed Registry Form, i put to open the site again, instead of openning it in GM.

Version: 29.03 - [2010/06/12]
- Removed EXE Encryption due many false-positives, and newbies think that it is virus ��
- Removed "Save" button, now Custom Values is auto-saved on registry.
- Improvement on Code.
- Added "Auto-Login" Checkbox inside of GarenaMaster, if you want disable/enable it in next

Version: 29.02 - [2010/06/12]
- Small bug fix
- Added Auto Tunneler, by Desu_Is_A_Lie and updated by Garena AHK
- Added auto close ads after 2min ( because that sometime it run music �� )
- EXE Encrypted again.

Version: 29.01 - [2010/06/08]
- Improved Login System, it is faster now and i think that "Stuck" problem is solved,
please report on forum if you keep getting this problem when try login...
- Improved "About"

Version: 28.20 - [2010/06/08]
- Added separated tool (Auto-Login Changer.exe) to disable the Auto Login, if you have
some problem with that...

Version: 28.19 - [2010/06/04]
- Added new tab to announce Dream Dota
- Added mirros.
- Old version not allowed anymore, only 28.19+

Version: 28.18 - [2010/06/04]
- Added Auto Login Checkbox.
- UserInfo folder is no longer used... now everything will be saved on Registry.
- Small bugfix.

Version: 28.17 - [2010/06/03]
- emergency fix.

Version: 28.16 - [2010/06/03]
- some improvement.

Version: 28.15 - [2010/05/30]
- Fixed alt-tab bug.


Version: 28.14 - [2010/05/24]
- Changed from 000webhost to new server, because my account has deleted without reason ��
- Added online users counter.

PS: Due problem on server, please download from here:


Version: 28.13 - [2010/05/21]
- For some reason, some users can't see ads on garenamaster and get error when it try load..
then i added one check, if ads load fine, show it and refresh every 10min,
if not, stop refreshing, hide it and show garenamaster logo.
- Undefined error fixed.


Version: 28.12 - [2010/05/21]
- Emergency fix.


Version: 28.11 - [2010/05/21]
- Added Re-Connect to Chat Server every time that you click on Chat, due timeout...
- Emergency fix.
- Changed design.

PS: "ENTER" Button not work on Chat, use "TAB -> Space bar" instead, to send message.


Version: 28.10 - [2010/05/12]
- Improved To-Tray, now it is better (less bugs)
- Improved Chat, now you can resize or maximize it.
- Added Show/Hide Chat on tray menu.
- Improved GarenaMaster performance.
- Fixed Register page "white box" bug.
- Fixed bug that GarenaMaster do not open on few PCs.
- And others small bugfix.


Version: 28.09 - [2010/05/12]
- Improved Changelog and Chat box.
- Updated Logo.


Version: 28.08 - [2010/05/12]
- Fixed some bugs and improved To-Tray (Show/Hide) feature.
- Added Chat Button, that you can connect directly to GarenaMaster forum chat inside of GM.


Version: 28.07 - [2010/05/09]
- Emergency fix.


Version: 28.06 - [2010/05/09]
- Added To Tray button
- Fixed small bug on To Tray
- Added WarKey++
- some minor bugfix.


Version: 28.05 - [2010/05/06]
- Fixed bug that always say that have new version, even if not have!


Version: 28.04 - [2010/05/06]
- Emergency fix ( many peoples can't see games when using GarenaMaster ), fixed.
- Improved updater system, now it will ask you if you want download new version or keep
using outdated version (if i want i can block some version to not work and force to update)
- Re-added "PATCH" button on garena, due many people having problem with "Start Garena", when
we fix it 100% we will remove it again. PS: You can't use "PATCH" button when using "Start
Garena", only when you open garena manually.


Version: 28.03 - [2010/05/06]
- Re-added old auto-joiner ( due new not working on multi client ) but PLEASE, if you get error
with that, disable it and try use "Auto Joiner DLL"
- added skip to VPex error for now (some times real ping in game and ladder stats in game may
not work, we are working on it yet)
- Please, wait 5s when garena start, before login.
- minor bug fix.


Version: 28.02 - [2010/05/05]
- Fixed all 'Disable All' ( thanks to alextrusk, i don't tested yet, bugs report on forum! )
- Updated "About"
- "Version Info" Moved to "About"
- Some GUI Improvement.
- Some improvement on code.
- Fixed bug that some times you can't use Save Features, get error E1.
- Removed EXE Encryption (i'll add back on next Garena Update or i'll make this hack private
if someone try leech it again! i really pissed about peoples that don't pay nothing and only
know bullshitting all the time!)
- minor bug fix.


Version: 28.01 (a) - [2010/05/04]
- Fixed NameSpoofer when using multi client.
- Removed old Auto Joiner, added new by Open|Fire, will be auto enabled when click on "Start
Garena" and will pop-up message asking if you wanna enable it, when try join in any room.
- Fixed Trade hack / Resource View bug that make your warcraft 1.24d crash when game start.


Version: 27.54 (d) - [2010/05/03]
- Emergency Fix.
- Fixed Disable All (1.24e) ( by plitvice ), report bugs on forum, please.


Version: 27.54 (c) - [2010/05/03]
- Fixed Trade Hack (all versions)
- Fixed Multi Client ( renamed it to Start Garena )
- Removed Patch button on Garena Tab ( please, select features that you want, save it and use
Start Garena.
- Many improvement on login system.
- Added Garena feature: Change /w to 'Nick' and 'ENTER'( Right click -> Whisper) (good if you
want make list of users in room, for some reason).
- Improved security ( some improvement on Generate Random Window Title)
- Many bug fix.


Version: 27.54 (b) - [2010/04/29]
- show ladder stats in game fixed.
- Added mini-browser to make the register
- Fixed bug "No registry key found! Re-install Garena to proceed."
- Added small ads.
- Re-added Delay Reducer on features list.
- Know bug: Multi client will only patch the first openned, so please don't use hacks when
you have more than 1 garena open ( exemple: mh ), it will be fixed soon.
- minor bug's fix.


Version: 27.54 (a) - [2010/04/29]
- Added "Try Auto-Detect" on dialog to find Garena Folder ( read from registry ).
- Re-Added host hack, changed how it work, now you don't need select it on "Features List"
anymore, simple click on "Host Hack" and when you want change the value (ms) change it on
config. and click on "Save Custom Values".
- Removed checkbox to save values, now if you want save it, just click on "Save Custom Values".


Version: 26.53 (m) - [2010/04/28]
- Removed the Registry read to get your garena folder, and added option to you set it manually.
- Re-added feature to remove Garena\CrashSender.exe and Garena\Garena.dmp when you login on GM.
- Improved Multi Client, to work even if you don't have Garena installed by Installer.


Version: 26.52 (L) - [2010/04/28]
- Removed the feature to auto-remove the crashsender, due bug on users that do not have garena
installed by installer, i'll improve it and put back later.


Version: 26.52 (j) - [2010/04/28]
- Emergency fix.


Version: 26.52 (i) - [2010/04/28]
- Improved security to avoid ban.
- Added new feature: Protect From CrashSender ( disable it and the creation of Garena.dmp)
- Everytime that you run the hack, it will delete (if exist) CrashSender.exe and Garena.dmp
- Encrypted the username/password that is saved on DATA\UserInf\User.inf
- minor bugs fix.


Version: 26.51 (H) - [2010/04/27]
- Changed the wrong features.dat released on 26G ��


Version: 26.50 (G) - [2010/04/27]
- Fixed Exp Hack
- Fixed Styles
- Disabled Host Hack due bugs, we will fix/enable on v27a, just wait.
- minor bugs fix.


Version: 26.49 (F) - [2010/04/27]
- Fixed and Re-Added Auto Joiner, thanks to plitvice and open|fire
- Some improvement on Name Spoofer
- Some improvement on LoginServer
- Styles and XP Hack will be added later!


Version: 26.48 (E) - [2010/04/27]
- Fixed NameSpoofer bug, now i think that is working 100%
- Improved name spoofer, added Custom Box to put your wanted NameSpoofer,
and it will be stored on DATA\UserInfo\Custom.inf
- Disabled Exp Hack, will be enabled and fixed later.


Version: 26.47 (D) - [2010/04/27]
- removed old updater system, now will only redirect to download site.


Version: 26.45 (C) - [2010/04/27]
- bug fix


Version: 26.43 (A) - [2010/04/27]
- Improved login system
- Improved Updates detection
- Improved Save Custom/Save user&pass
- Improved APPLE_NAME, now you can use: {


Version: 25.43 (N) - [2010/04/22]
- Fixed many bugs on LoginServer (client-sided)
- Added to auto start the updater if the version is outdated (on login screen)
- Added some more security Wink
- Minor bug fix.


Version: 25.41 (M) - [2010/04/22]
- Fixed Save Selected bug on Garena TAB.
- Fixed bug on LoginServer.
- Other minor bug fix.


Version: 25.40 (L) - [2010/04/21]
- Fixed bug on "Save Password" on login system.


Version: 25.39 (j) - [2010/04/21]
- Login System
- Improved Rune notifier
- Added beep when rune respawn
- Host hack (
.kick = instant kick
.k = alias to kick
.block = kick with lag screen
.b = alias to block
.delayon = lag the determined player with custom ms.
.xon = alias to delayon
.delayoff = disable delayon to determined player
.xoff = alias to delayoff
- fixed auto joiner ( now work with x64 system )
- fixed rune notifier ( now work with x64 system )
- Added Custom Cam Distance hack
- Added custom Delay Reducer
- Added checkbox to save custom values
- Added ESP Hero hack
- Added protection to prevent leech.
- Multi Client not finished yet, please don't use hack with it
- Many bug fix
- Many improvement.


Version: 25.38 (i) - [2010/04/06]
-- New updater system.
** How it work now:
Check for new version
If you version is updated, then just say "your version is already updated"
If you version is NOT updated, then say and redirect you to download page.
Version: 25.38 (i) / Feature: 12/ W3X: 18 - [2010/04/05]
-- Emergency FIX ( Fixed fatal error issue )
-- Know bug: 1.24d mh is on "Slow Motion", i will fix it soon...


Version: 25.38 (h) - [2010/04/05]
*************** PRE-RELEASE OF VERSION 26 **************
-- New Interface
-- [w3x] Disable ALL Added (1.24e/d/c)
-- [w3x] Show Ping Signal Added (1.24e/d/c)
-- [w3x] Ally/Enemy/All Hero icon (1.24e/d/c)
-- [w3x] Rune Notifier
-- [w3x] Gray HP (1.24e/d/c)
-- [w3x] Red Invisible units
-- [w3x] MH Improved
-- [w3x] 1.24b mh not finished yet
-- [Garena] Added Dota Ladder checker
-- Added To-Tray feature
-- Added version info
-- Added Safe Multi-Garena (Not connect to same account)
-- Changed GarenaM4ST3R Icon
-- Custom cam Distance Hack / Delay reducer (Disabled, not finished yet)
-- Many improvement on source
-- Many bug fix
-- Many other things that i don't remember now :\


Version: 25.30 (g) - [2010/03/24]
-- Added support to 1.24e (Mana Bars)


Version: 25.30 (f) / Feature: 11/ W3X: 15 - [2010/03/23]
-- Little change on design ( not 26 design yet)
-- Fixed Save features bug, that erase the last feature code
-- Changed name from 'Save Features' to: 'Save selected'
-- Added success message on Save selected.
-- Minor bugs fix.


Version: 25.27 (e) - [2010/03/19]
-- Fixed Hide ADS ( Some people crashing when enter on room )


Version: 25.27 (d) - [2010/03/16]
-- Official Forum finally done. (Added link to forum)
-- http://www.garenamaster.com/index.php


Version: 25.26 (d) - [2010/03/16]
-- Fixed error: mana.dll is not a valid windows image.
-- Fixed Super clan nudge code.
-- Fixed Delay Reducer code.

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