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Thượng Uý
Thượng Uý
GarenaMaster 97.02 - Hack Game Full (W3 - Dota...) [Update 15/08/12 ]


MediaFire FileDropper

Latest Changes:
### v97.02 ###
- Improved message when antivirus block some file, it will now will identify what file can't be launched by gm.
- Some bugfix.

### v97.01 ###
- Emergency Bug Fix (update is really recommended.).

### v97.00 ###
- Working with new Garena Update (30/07/2012)
- Improved ADS System
- Continue button will only appear after the time (6s in the first time) instead of countdown.
- Fixed bug that may cause you to see no users in any room and make you unable to join if you type the wrong password... now will display the proper message.
- Reworked Garena Plus features on GM Lite, it now will use dll injection to Garena Features, that will have same feature as full (not war3 features)
News to GM Lite:
- Added Host Hack.
- Added Auto Room Joiner
- And all others features that the GM Full have (garena only, war3 still the same)


If your Garena Plus is not working, and you getting Injector.dll error, it's because your GARENA do not
updated automatically, and the new version of GarenaMaster IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OLD GARENA!
So, just do this little guide that ZelSchiffer posted:

had the same problem...
but resolved after doing
1) delete Garena Plus (uninstall + delete folder)
2) Redownload, and reinstall Garena Plus
3) Do not on Garena master yet, open garena plus, let it upload. (and also the upload when u click LAN )
4) Close Garena Plus
5) Open it again, there is another update.
6) Close Garena Plus again and now use Garena master to open Garena Plus (as usual)

View user profile http://zinghack.123.st

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