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Thượng Uý
Thượng Uý

1pro GarenaMaster News [ FULL + LITE ] on 23/3/2012, 10:18 pm

Latest Version:92.02

Looking for the hotkey program used in old garenamaster versions?
Download it here: AucT Hotkey Tool

Latest Changes:
- [FULL] New Design, better look and easier to use.
- [FULL] Added Multi Client to PLUS (Only 1 giving exp for now, but you can use with different accounts!)
- [FULL] Reduced waiting time to start garena from 10s to 2s. (but please, keep helping us with the ads!)
- [FULL] Reduced 99% false positive detections on antivirus.
- [FULL] Improved Injector, MapHack and Garena Plus dll, should work better now.
- [FULL] Reduced rar size from 9mb to 3.7mb.
- [FULL] Many others bugfix.

- [LITE] Fixed bug related to Garena Plus (v92.02)
- [LITE] Fixed bug on Auto Room Joiner on CLIENT (v92.01)
- [LITE] Initial Support to PLUS added, not everything working yet.
- [LITE] Added Multi Client to PLUS (Only 1 giving exp for now, but you can use with different accounts!)
- [LITE] Added Skin System
- [LITE] Added EXP LOG support to PLUS.
- [LITE] # Auto AFK System NOT added yet to plus.
- [LITE] # Auto Joiner NOT added yet to plus.
- [LITE] It need ask you for your password to plus because its an launcher too, it will start the garena_room.exe directly.
- [LITE] This was not tested so much, so can not be 100% stable... any bug report on forum please!

## Announce:
Soon will be released the new GarenaMaster Advanced, that will
integrate both: GarenaMaster FULL and LITE in one! and will be much more
easier to use, language support with external ini file to user send us your own translation of garenamaster and much more!

This is an emergency fix to new garena plus, but this come with great
changes (not what i planned, due the new big change that i'm playing is
not finished yet, but this is already great for now.).

View user profile http://zinghack.123.st

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