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Thượng Uý
Thượng Uý

  • warcraft1.26 maphack (b/c/d patch also)
  • Garena Namespoofer
  • Garena Auto Room Joiner
  • Removes 5 second error while joining game room
  • Shows Pings in Digits
  • Hack protection removed
  • EXP hack (100/15min Gold, 50/15min Basic)
  • Leave Room while playing.
  • Garena Ladder stats in warcraft 3 Chat.
  • Garena Super Admin, Gold, Premium, Platinum Styles
  • warcraft 3Drophack
  • Hide ads in Garena
  • Warcraft 1.24d Cooldown hack
  • warcraft 3Mana Bars
  • DotaESP Hack
  • Rune Notifier++
  • More features are being added in automatic updates
  • DotA Mana Bars.
  • Garena Multi Client for more EXP.
  • Garena Auto Room Joiner
  • Garena Master Download Links:

  • Garena Master v81.04 Changelogs:

    - Many improvements on the code.
    - Size reduced from 4mb to 1mb.
    - Simplified the Design.
    - Removed the Garena Second Window, you will work only on the first now.
    - Removed Exp Log Temporary (i’ll need re-add it back on the first window, will be done later)
    - Added feature to make you open 1-3 garena client at one click
    - Added some tips to the MapHack when the game Start.
    - Added the Alt + F1 to be enabled by default whent he game start, do it again to disable if you want.
    - Removed the -clear text and added internally function that do the same, but hidden.
    - Added Auto Login System (Optional) that will use random port &
    server and allow you to change the server list without modifying the
    original file
    - few bugs fixed and changes.
    - Emergency bug fix.
    Step by Step, Guide:
    1. Download Garena Master Hack.
    2. Extract the files to any folder.
    3. Run GM.exe
    5. Select the features you wanna run.
    7. Run Garena from GarenaMaster’s window.
    8. Enjoy!

    • Beware of using Garena EXP Hack, if might get you banned.
    • If Garena updates, do not use it & wait for the GarenaM4st3r to update.
    • Run as administrator if you are running it on Windows 7 or Vista.
    • Try disabling Auto-Room Joiner feature if you are having problems.
    • You can find Garena Master changelogs inside the file.
    • Use Garena Master at your own risk, DotA-Utilities will not be responsible if anything happens to your Garena account.

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